Trevor Leutscher

Dr. Leutscher holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of Michigan.  His expertise focuses on helping public and private organizations to effectively measure processes and use data to improve decision-making and organizational performance.  Dr. Leutscher has over fifteen years of experience as a participant and leader for projects managing and analyzing research and administrative data.  He has ten years of experience working on business projects ranging from analyzing organizational survey data for academic research to managing measurement data for increasing performance in organizations. A sample of programs in which he has participated includes the following:

►Implemented a program for gathering State data about education and making that data informative to local school administrators and the citizenry.

►Implemented a program for a comprehensive evaluation for secondary schools using structural equation models.

►Implemented an online evaluation system for informing local automotive dealers about their performance on key metrics.

►Implemented a new measurement system for consumer loyalty that has been applied to direct marketing and competitive analysis.


For Interactive, Dr. Leutscher manages the educational technology evaluation services.  Currently, he is the external evaluator for the Title IID EETT grants, statewide, in New York, Ohio, and West Virginia and the local evaluator for approximately 35 local EETT schools/projects.

Last Updated: June 17, 2015