Research, Documentation, Evaluation

For its private sector clients, Interactive applies empirically credible R&E methods to advance business interests. Interactive, Inc. is a full-service firm that provides third-party independent analysis of learning improvement.

The firm specializes in direct measures of program results. In addition to the conventional user self-report opinionnaire information, we regularly apply technology to capturing real-time use and real-time outcomes for learners.  An example is the use of video-conferencing plus two-way audio to measure elapsed time and critical path task completion with particular technologies.  In addition, for appropriate situations we offer the use of “ping” surveys – short (6 or fewer questions) simple answer surveys – that are sent directly to the teacher in the classroom to ascertain real-time tasking and implementation of practices.  These snapshot surveys allow us to determine in an informal, self-reporting manner the actual practices of subjects.

Those direct measures and our commitment to shared purposes with our clients help us write reports that are empirically-grounded and practically compelling.

Interactive, Inc. has a reputation for empirically credible work produced on time, within budget and to specifications. The conduct of research is the responsibility of Interactive, Inc. The Company’s reputation and its adherence to the canons of scientific research assure its independence.

Last Updated: June 17, 2015