Interactive, Inc. creates, tests and refines highly immersive interactive role-playing simulations to

increase the capacity of learners of all ages and for public and private clients.

A leader in developing immersive, interactive, web-enabled simulations for social purposes:

♦  health and medical practice
♦  basic math and personal finance
♦  municipal decision-making
♦  school drop-outs
♦  employee training & evaluation

Simulation Advantages

♦  Delivery cost for training cut by 85%
♦  Time to mastery cut by 50%
♦  Zero message decay
♦  Customized learning
♦  Free replications
♦  Fast and efficient revisions
♦  Anywhere access
♦  Anytime access
♦  Any language access
♦  Maximum fidelity sponsor purposes

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Last Updated: June 17, 2015