Computer Simulation

Beginning in 1986, Interactive, Inc. pioneered role-playing interactive computer simulations for at-risk students. The Company produced computer simulations for (1) municipal decision makers, (2) parents of at-risk students, (3) school dropouts and (4) basic math skills and personal financial decision-making. Dr. Mann also authored the interactive budget simulation in the University Council for Educational Administration’s early, Wilson Elementary School series.

Design and Production of Role-Playing Simulations

Role-playing simulations use point-of-view camera work and full-motion video to make learning participation vivid. The visual and audio material wraps around decisions that learners must make. And that is followed by consequences exactly triggered by the learner’s choices. Simulations are grounded in data from prototypical field-of-practice settings to increase the realism and thus the outcomes of the learner. Interactive, Inc. builds such simulations and presents sample material from the ‘high level design’, e.g. the features that map and control vignettes, scenarios, choices and consequences the learner experiences.

Last Updated: June 17, 2015