1.  Why do simulations work?

They immerse the user in their own world-of-practice “real” situations – they are authentic.

2.  What distinguishes Interactive, Inc. simulations from other video training models?

Two characteristics of our simulations are that they are immersive and interactive.  This means that they connect individual choices to immediate consequences and we are thereby able to create detailed user profiles of performance.  This allows us to document the users strengths and needs.

3.  Are the simulations customizable?

100%  Each simulation is developed on top of our patent-pending engine which will drive the simulation setting desired by the client.  Each simulation is customized with the profiles of targeted users, demonstrating situations, choices, consequences, and outcomes as determined through extensive planning sessions with the client.  This means that each simulation developed is unique for the client and specifically matching the client’s targeted need.

4.  Are simulations portable?

They are designed to be web-enabled so that they are accessible anytime, anywhere.


Last Updated: June 17, 2015